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With Monkeflow, founders can bring back lost profit fast. Giving them an unfair advantage to acquiring more customers.

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100% Fairtrade Cocoa
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100% Palm Oil Free

Meet Monkeflow.

Email & SMS experts for the 1% brands in eCommerce. 

For brands that need world-class flow setup, quickly.

Case Study #1

Over 100M emails sent

Since 2020, with Burga, we've sent over 100M emails and tested over 52 different flow setups. 

In the span of two years, we were able to grow to a few localized Klaviyo accounts across multiple continents with 20% to 40% of their store's revenue coming just from email alone.

This resulted in their ability to spend more on ads for exponential growth.

Up to

72x increase in flow revenue

Since the brand had only the basic automations in place, Monkeflow was able to boost results astronomically.

Together achieved

Great YoY growth 

A crucial channel of achieving great YoY growth was email – since the brand was able to spend more on ads.

In the span of 2 years

Grew to other markets

The brand grew so fast, we started opening other Klaviyo accounts for interntional countries.

Case Study #2

$100k in 30 minutes

from a hype campaign

Being in a highly-competitive market means you have to optimize every step of the funnel. 

This was no exception for GoodieCo, hence we did a complete flow re-setup, and then started using campaigns as a big revenue driver. 

In 30 minutes, with a back-in-stock sales strategy we managed to pull in over $100k in revenue.

Automation revenue went

Up to 45%

From 35% per month to 50% per month in additional generated revenue on autopilot every month.

Complete re-setup with

17 flows

Including flows like Replenishment, Quiz, UGC, Birthday, Browse Abandonment, Post-purchase first-time and much more.

Campaigns brought on average

$200k per month

In extra revenue every single month with a repeatable campaign plan. And that's excluding all the flow revenue.

Case Study #3

204% revenue increase

just from flows.

Forge & Foster's buying cycle takes longer being a higher AOV product. 

Since the brand couldn't rely on typical discounted sales ladders, we had to come up with a post-purchase strategy that would keep the brand's identity and the necessary profit margins.

Relying on an omni-channel presence is now key to their strategy, including email automations.

Automation revenue went

Up to 53%

From 20% to 50% per month in additional revenue generated on autopilot without big discounts.

Up to

2x opt-in rates

With a couple small tweaks and adjustments to the overall setup & copy strategy.

The strategy included

Minimal discounts

To keep margins & brand image great. An unconventional post-purchase strategy implementation achieved this.

Case Study #4

$25k boost in days

with a proven strategy.

Purewine helps relieve wine headaches.  Hence, the brand needed to educate the customer and agitate pain. 

Using email as a virtually free traffic channel increased profitability drastically for this brand. 

For times, when stable revenue was key, campaigns played a crucial role in their overall success.

At times, campaigns did

$25k in days

In additional sales with a proven strategy for times when a much needed revenue boost was crucial.

Flow revenue

Up to 40% 

With a complete flow strategy overhaul and frequency rework. From 25% to 45% per month on autopilot.

Added an additional average


Just from SMS alone –– with an introduction of this new sales channel, including pop-ups and flows.

This is how.

With an approach that doesn't miss.

With Monkeflow, you get off the ground quick –– so you can focus on building great products.

Step one,

Fixing fundamentals.

Subscriber acquisition. How you collect leads is as important, as to how you nurture them.

Implementing a brand-oriented pop-up strategy with proper incentives & timing is absolutely key at $1M+ year levels.

Email deliverability. Without  healthy open rates, even the best strategy can fail miserably.

Revenue comes from clicks, clicks come from opens. Maintaining healthy reputation and implementing smart tactics is key.

Core flow setup. Generating less than 30% from main flows, means there's usually a problem.

For most brands, having proper main flows in place can make or break the profitability of the business. Nailing them is crucial.


From our audits, 95% of e-commerce accounts fail at this step. Fixing these three elements alone usually boosts the account revenue by more than 30%.

Step two,

Strategy built on research.

To understand your customer better, we dive deep into the underpinnings of each of their psychographic profiles.

Then, we craft a long-term strategy that maximizes  customer lifetime value with customer satisfication. Both on the front-end and back-end sales funnels. 


Instead of guesswork, we mix research and proven strategies that have worked for our portfolio brands. This results in an instant boost in email revenue.


Zero-spam approach.

Your customer experience is key. We make sure that emails not only look great, 

but convert even better. So that you can help more people decide.

We handle:

email strategy;

email copy;

email designs

email setup

email optimization;


We eliminate:

email guesswork;

wasted traffic;

wasted time;


We maximize: 

your customer satisfaction;

your customer lifetime value;

your store's profitability;



Results in weeks, not months. See instant measurable results on your dashboard within weeks of launching. The zero guesswork approach eliminates the waiting period most brands endure.


We do 

the setup.


Timing, sequencing and segmenting are all crucial when sending emails at scale. Luckily, this is all done for you.

And the end result?

Big results.

Up to


minimum flow revenue increase within two months



that's how many emails we've delivered just in 2021

Just in 2021


revenue added for clients

Emails that people love to buy from. Branding across multiple channels needs to stay consistent. With email, we combine both converting brand principles & great deliverability. So customers keep buying more.

Zero management, zero hiring. All of your emails sorted and ready to go at the press of a button. We cross-approve all material with your team to make sure nothing gets launched without your approval.

Scale up across international markets. Accounts for France, Germany, Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom –– you name it. Regional accounts and translations handled for you. 

Why we don't take on anyone.

Email marketing is powerful. We've seen it become a game changer for brands that utilize it in an efficient way. This carries a certain level of responsibility to the craft. Monkeflow only works with brands that truly care about their customers.


Before working together, we go through your email marketing account to see what areas could be improved for profitability.


Monkeflow likes to move, test and readjust fast. For some companies, this isn't an approach they are used to. Not for everyone. 


Monkeflow takes on brands that we know can be improved with exact actionable items. At the end of the audit, you receive these action items.


There's a lot of complexity in email marketing. Getting great results requires mutual trust and understanding from both sides. 


Having a proven vetting process allows Monkeflow to work with brands we know we can guarantee great results for.

Take your first step.

Save Millions 

With Better Emails.

Monkeflow only takes on brands that we know we can guarantee results for. Book your Discovery call to see whether you're the right fit.