$100k in 30 minutes. Zero spent on ads. Here's how.

$100k in 30 minutes. Zero spent on ads. Here's how.

GoodieCo operates in a highly competitive market, which means that every step of the marketing funnel needs to be optimized in order to achieve success. In order to boost revenue, GoodieCo decided to completely re-setup their marketing flows and began using campaigns as a major source of income.

One of the strategies that we implemented was a back-in-stock sales campaign. In just 30 minutes, this campaign generated over $100,000 in revenue. This success led GoodieCo to focus on automation long-term as a key aspect of their email marketing efforts. As a result, GoodieCo saw a 45% increase in automation revenue, going from 35% per month to 50% per month in additional generated revenue on autopilot.

To achieve this, we re-setup 17 different flows, including replenishment, quiz, user-generated content, birthday, browse abandonment, and post-purchase first-time flows. These efforts have led to an average of $200,000 in extra revenue per month from automations alone.

Overall, GoodieCo's focus on email marketing and the implementation of various campaigns and flows has been a major success, resulting in significant increases in revenue.

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