$25k boost in days with a proven strategy for PureWine

$25k boost in days with a proven strategy for PureWine

Purewine is a brand that specializes in helping people with wine headaches, and they knew that email was a virtually free traffic channel that could help increase profitability. So, we started to help them educate their customers and agitate pain (in a good way).

The results were impressive. With a proven campaign strategy in place, Purewine saw $25k in additional sales in just a few days, which was crucial for times when stable revenue was key.

But that was just the beginning. We also helped Purewine overhaul their flow strategy and frequency, which resulted in a flow revenue increase of up to 40%. And with the introduction of SMS as a new sales channel, including pop-ups and flows, Purewine was able to add an additional $30k per month to their bottom line.

All in all, Purewine's email marketing strategy was a huge success, helping them increase profitability and drive more sales through virtually free traffic channels. And with a little bit of wit and humor thrown in, their campaigns were not only effective, but also entertaining for their customers.

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