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2023 BFCM Checklist

No bullshit email optimisation strategies for smart marketers & business owners aiming to succeed in Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2023

  • 100+ Successful 

    email examples

  • Copy & Paste 

    Email Strategy

  • Automations

    & Campaigns

  • 100+ Successful email examples

  • Copy & Paste Email Strategy

  • Automations & Campaigns

LTV bump 


Implement transactional, immediate up-sell, dedicated abandonment & other BFCM orientated email flows.

Advanced email 

campaign strategies

The Early Bird, Pre-Black Friday,

Gamification, Giveaway, Surveys,

Plain Text, Extensions & more!

Domain health 

and deliverability

Fix your domain health while there's still time! Appear in the primary inbox & escape the spam folder during Q4!

2023 BFCM Checklist

100+ Email Examples

Real examples from 7-8 figure eCommerce brands that were successful in BFCM 2022/2021

Subscriber list 

growth action plan

Implement the most efficient
 email lead-gen strategies using
pop-ups, website & social media.

Copy & paste 


Copy the exclusion, inclusion, Apple iOS & essential segments to avoid ruining your domain reputation.

Discord Access 

(1000+ members)

You'll also also get access to our exclusive discord channel where of marketers, brand owners and entrepreneurs engage in discussions!

πŸ’‘ To make the most out of Black Friday 2023 you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Year after year Black Friday approach rarely changes. Instead it follows a similar playbook.

It's not about the new groundbreaking strategies.

It's about the methods that already work and move the needle when it comes to email marketing.

These proven strategies with a pinch of tricks stolen from the 8-9 figure powerhouses makes it impossible to miss out on the extra revenue that's waiting to be collected in November πŸ‘‡

Now stop guessing & start preparing!

Zero risk: 14-day money-back guarantee

Email during BFCM 

overpowered πŸš€

There are too many reasons, but the main & most important one - revenue with 0 ad spend. A lot of revenue!

If you've ever sent an email campaign during the Black Weekend you'll know that your regular revenue per campaign doubles, triples sometimes even quadruples. And that's all with 0 ad spend. 

The math here is simple: the more campaigns you send = the more revenue you'll be able to make πŸ’°

Regular eCommerce brands:

❌ Rely solely on paid ads (CPMs all time high)
❌ Never used email before so why bother now
❌ Afraid that their strategies & effort will flop

Smart eCommerce brands: 

βœ… Aware, that more than 50% of revenue can be attributed to email (if done right) during BFCM.
βœ… Can spend more on ads knowing that email will be the backbone of ROAS in November.
βœ… Know what email strategy to use & how many emails to send before November even starts!

That's why this 2023 Black Friday Checklist is your unfair advantage.

We've sent MILLIONS of emails and made over $3M, during November 2022, just from email alone.

If you're lost or aiming for the biggest revenue month to date yet - you're at the right place πŸš€

Tailor-Made For eCom OwnersπŸ‘‡πŸ»

Zero fluff.

Only proven to work methods

(tested on 7-8 figure brands)

Included in the 2023 

BFCM Email Checklist πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Deliverability guide



10+ dedicated flows


25+ segments

100+ email examples

Campaigns (newsletters)

34+ emails to send

List Growth Methods

Discord Access

Copy & Paste 


20+ steps checklist

Zero risk: 14-day money-back guarantee

Monkeflow's Guarantee

14-day money-back guarantee for valid reasons

Why trust Monkeflow 🍌?

Hi – I'm David, the Founder & CEO of Monkeflow. I've sent over 1 BILLION emails and Black Friday 2023 is going to be my 5th one!

During my 1st Black Friday I knew nothing about the strategy and results turned out to be terrible 😬 as I tried to come up with strategies myself which lead to a complete disaster & customer confusion.

My 2nd Black Friday was a little better - I tried to attend every possible webinar & conference to consume as much info as possible, however all that put me into even bigger confusion as there was so much information I didn't know what will actually move the needle πŸ“ˆ.

My 3rd Black Friday was a breakthrough for me - I was mentored by a marketer who had 8 & 9 figure brands under his wing. The strategies that they used were so primitive & simple that I couldn't believe him till he showed me the numbers 🀯. A biggest lesson I took with me was planning the whole month in advance. Day by day.

2022 Black Friday was the best one yet - I had one 6-figure, two 7 figure & two 8 figures brand on me. The result? All of them had over 50% of the entire store revenue coming from email πŸš€. And I used the exact same strategy for all of them (with little adjustments of course).

In 2023 I have more than 5 stores. I've got 1000+ brands (that's how many marketers we've got in our discord!) that will be relying on my strategy to make this Black Friday - the highest month ever πŸ™. And you have my word that what I've prepared for you will pay for itself with the first email campaign you'll send (and make you 5x more revenue from email than you usually make).

Extra questions? πŸ‘‡

What's the purpose of this Checklist?

This 2023 BFCM Checklist has one goal - to help you and your brand prepare for Black Friday and make as much revenue as possible using so often overlooked channel - email marketing.

Will this help me make more revenue?

100%! If you copy the exact steps & check off all the things in the checklist - it's impossible to fail. Your email marketing will be your most profitable channel (during Q4) if you follow the exact strategy & steps.

Does the checklist include detailed explanations, or is it just a list of tasks?

The checklist was created from all the modules that are inside this resource. Each step that you will tick off has its own category which is explained in detail with a few examples.

Who is it made for?

The resource is made for 6-8 figure eCommerce stores that don't know what to do or looking for the best strategy for email marketing. Ideally the brand should be using Klaviyo ESP as all of the tips & explanations were made using Klaivyo as an example.

What will I receive after purchase?

Immediately after purchase you'll be access our Notion template (which will also be sent to you via email). We recommend looking into it on your desktop as the layout was mainly created for the desktop use.

How beginner-friendly is the checklist? Do I need advanced knowledge of email marketing to utilize it effectively?

The advanced knowledge is not required, but the basics like creating a template, creating a flow, launching an email is required. This checklist will not teach you how to create things from 0 - it will guide you to create everything yourself based on the pre-made strategy and examples (that you can just copy & implement on your brand). The strategies shared here are advanced & used by 7-8 figure brands.

Is Monkeflow trustworthy? 

Absolutely! Currently we have more than 1000 members on our Discord (which you get access to when you purchase any of our products). We've also got online Judge.me reviews where we're rated 4.88 stars.

Try it yourself, and if for any reason you don't see results – get a full refund  πŸ‘‡

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