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Case studies

100M+ Emails sent


Increase in flow revenue

Since 2020, with Burga, we've sent over 100M+ emails and tested over 52 different flow setups.  

This resulted in their ability to spend more on ads for exponential growth –– without compromising profitability.


Automation revenue increase


From campaigns

Being in a highly-competitive market means you have to optimize every step of the funnel. Goodieco knew this.

Hence we did a complete flow re-setup, and then started using campaigns as a big revenue driver. 


In days with proven strategies


Added revenue with SMS

Using email as a virtually free traffic channel increased profitability drastically for this brand. 

For times, when stable revenue was key, campaigns played a crucial role in their overall success.


Flow revenue increase

2x opt-in

Rate increase

Since the brand couldn't rely on typical discounted sales ladders, being a premium-brand with a higher AOV, we had to come up with a post-purchase strategy that would keep the brand's identity and the necessary profit margins.